I love local and national SEO, and to me, the best part is working with my clients, and of course, getting to know other search enthusiasts both locally and on private forums. It’s incredibly interesting to me and it challenges me on a daily basis. I can say that I have a blast doing what I do and I honestly love my job!


But what else do I do?

I spend most of my time with Florence, my best friend, our cats Smoke, Pewter. I’m not one who lacks the motivation to “work,” but if I did, they would be more than enough to keep me going.
Although most of my time is in front of the computer, I’ve always been a creative guy. I also can’t refuse a day out taking photos. Photography is a hobby I also love doing.

Reading: I’m constantly reading, at least 4hrs a day just to keep up with changing techniques and the world news.
I also love woodworking, which I was in that industry for over 27 years, been out for 11 years now. I also enjoy playing Guitar, now retired from touring.


How I got into local search:

It started back in late 2011 when I needed to reach more customers for my business “Westford Computer Services.” Upon learning the process of getting my business in the top rankings, I became the go-to-guy for my friends that owned businesses, and from there, the idea was born that I would run my own SEO marketing business.


Why my clients like to work with me:

    • I have worked with many business owners within an extensive range of industries. This has helped me gain my expertise in pin-pointing search techniques that work universally (local and national), not only in a few but in all markets and industries. Meaning that there’s a pretty good chance I have helped someone in your Profession/Industry (or one similar), find their ideal customers which of course, generated more sales. I would love to help do the same for you.


    • I’m completely honest, with what I think I can and cannot do to help you and your business, why I ask for payment up-front, the exact steps I implement in helping your business grow, and finally, I am always honest about the turnaround time involved in the project.


  • I’m a really simple guy, not trying to be the “guru.” I don’t have any gatekeepers keeping you from me, I will personally work directly with you in all aspects of your project. I’m looking forward to knowing you, as you’ll get to know me.


Why I like working with my clients:

    • My clients are serious. They’ve realized that their business needs to be clearly visible in the search engines, but that it can be more work than they want to tackle themselves and it also takes the focus away from their business at hand. With this realization, many decide that it makes more business sense to have me do it for them. I’m grateful for the trust they have in me to make the right decisions with their marketing budget funds.


    • My clients are experienced and highly skilled at their craft. Some have been in business for decades while others are less than a year. Most know which areas of their businesses are solid, and they also know their weak points, which is being visible to potential customers that are looking for their product/service.


  • Businesses come in many different shapes and sizes, there are no 2 businesses alike which is why I do not use cookie-cutter methods. I love learning about my client’s business and also love the advice given to me about mine.


My Personal values, belief, and attitude:

    • Always tell the truth, I’m straight to the point, even if I know it might not be what you want to hear or even what I want to say to you. I’ve told many potential clients that they would not benefit from my services. Ya I know, I’m not the best sales-men. I can tell you that the clients that were not happy with me were not so because I explained how long it really takes to rank and didn’t sugar coat it. If you are looking to rank tomorrow, then I’m probably not the right fit for you, but if you are planning on being in business for the long haul, then I just might be who and what your company needs.


    • Making money is honorable.
      Without money, our dinner tables would be empty
      Without money, we would drive old cars
      Without money, we couldn’t take that dreamed about vacation that’s why you and I are in business. Without attracting new customers we can’t do or have what we want. Helping you succeed by helping customers find you, is the reason why I’m in business. Simply Stated: My business succeeds only when yours does!


I’m done with talking about myself,
How can I help you?


Not sure of the next best step?
Feel free to contact me or call me directly, at:



Thank you for your interest and I look forward to the opportunity to be your Go-to-guy, for all of your search engine needs!